Exploring Mont de Lans and des 2 Alpes (Circuit n°12)

This almost 44 km circuit start in Bourg d'Oisans. The Chambon dam is 40m deep and 1.4 km² in area, it radically changed the face of this secret valley hidden in the hollow of the enormous mountains. When you go into the nearby village of Mont de Lans, you will see that the by-pass has put a smile back on the faces of the locals, as the streets are now given over to pedestrians. Park the car and visit the rich and diverse ↘Chasal Lento museum café, which gives a stepby step portrayal of the history of Oisans, from prehistoric times to the creation of Les 2 Alpes resort. This fascinating and instructive overview of the human side of local history is illustrated by a diverse collection of objects, old clothes, tools, etc. With its intimate atmosphere, this museum is not to be missed, preferably on Wednesdays (market day, with giant wooden games from 10 am to 12 noon and afternoon workshops in spinning and carding wool, crochet and knitting)! Drive, or, even better, take the Mont-de-Lans cable car, up to Les 2 Alpes. This international resort has such a variety of activities on offer that you will need more than a few days to do everything. To continue the cultural theme, pay a visit to the exhibition at the ↘Maison de la Montagne, before taking a stroll through the busy town streets. Pause for a moment to admire the Muzelle, the mountain that symbolizes the resort, with its glaciers and eternal snow. On the way back, why not take the ↘Route des Travers at Bons, a spectacular balcony road with impressive views over the Infernet.