Nyons' olive oil

A representative figure of the Mediterranean environment, the olive tree is a peace and life symbol. The hills and orchards covered with centuries old olive trees create Drome's department panoramic views between Les Baronnies and Noyons. It creates just the perfect setting for a camping holiday break in Noyons, in Drome provençale.

Best olive oil in France and first growth elixir

Nyons black olive, named Tanche, was the first variety to have aquired a Controlled Appellation of Origin lable in 1994 and then a Protected Appellation of Origin label in 1997. Nyons' olive oil also has the same labels now. In the traditions of the old days, ten mills extract and distill the unique oil with subtle and smooth flavours.

A unique terroir

Located between Provence and Dauphiné, Nyons appellation territory is limited by Mont Ventoux and Baronnies Provençales, Lance mountain and Mont du Pied-de-Vaux, Pre-Alps and Rhone plain. Thanks to a microclimate, Nyons olive has a unique fruity taste which explains its quality and fame. "The black pearl" has been praised by food lovers and gastronomers for many generations now! Afidol (Association Française Interprofessionnelle de l’Olive - French Association of Olive Professionals ) invites you to olive oil tastings all year long.

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