Campsites near Musee de la Grande Chartreuse in St Pierre de Chartreuse

In the heart of Chartreuse natural regional park, the 1st monastery of Chartreux Order is nestled at the foot of one of the highest peak in Chartreuse Massif, the Grand Som. The Monastery is dedicated to monks and their making the famous Chartreuse liqueur, the Museum below will teach you all you need to know about this famous but mysterious Order.

Grande Chartreuse Monastery

Chartreux Order is one of the oldest cloistered orders in Christianity. the ordre was founded by Bruno in 1084. He settled his hermitage in a secluded place in the heart of Chartreuse mountain. Chartreux monks take vows of silence far from the world to dedicate their life to God. In 1737, the formula of Grande Chartreuse plant elixir which contains 130 various species is definitely set by monks. They have been producing and selling it since.

Visiting Grande Chartreuse Museum In 1957, the Museum is open in Correrie, 2 kms below the monastery. the museum counts 20 rooms, many documents, objects, carvings, information about the Order. Up-to-date scenes created with editing tools and mockups help understanding and feeling the atmosphere of this unique place.

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